It is an undisputed fact that a lot of people love traveling most times with family members, friends, or perhaps a companion.  The fact is: no one likes traveling alone. So many reasons attached to it, as some said traveling alone involves too much risk, some say it’s not safe to travel alone. The bottom line is that people don’t like traveling alone. You shouldn’t fright because you want to travel alone. This article will highlight safety tips when traveling alone.


Do researches on where you’re going so you can have full knowledge about the place, the road network and lots more. Having well-detailed information about where you are traveling to protect you from the danger of misinformation, undesirable individuals, or unreasonable wandering to an unsafe area. If you don’t have enough information on your destination or perhaps the unsafe areas to your destination. You’ll lose a lot of things, right? Money, time, etc.


There are different ideas about safety. So when you’re traveling, make sure the safety level of your destination meets up with your personal travel safety needs. This includes checking the Guide books, destination section of travelers, etc. It’s not bad if you go through the government travel site too.


The best advice for anyone traveling along to is to schedule your arrival for daylight. In the process of doing researches on your destination, get the hours it will take to get there from your take-off point. If you schedule your arrival for daylight or midafternoon, you will know if the environment is safe or unsafe. You can only differentiate from a safe and unsafe area during daylight. Also, getting accommodation during the day is easier.  You can only do all of that if you arrive earlier.


If you’re traveling alone, don’t joke with getting a map (study it before leaving your home). It will help you get a lay of the land you’re traveling to. Note; when you get to your destination, don’t always carry the map on the road, so you don’t appear like a stranger.  So, if you’re lost, get into a mall and check the map for directions.


Be aware of what is going on; be aware of the surrounding. Don’t be carried away by the country’s luxuriating culture only, the wonderful atmosphere, or the crowd moving. Some might be pocket pickers. Your “sense” organs must be active.

Tip: Get enough sleep before leaving; it prepares your mind for the journey ahead. It will also help to keep you alert.


If you have followed the above steps, you need the confidence to survive. Walk with confidence and move as you know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going.  It’s to ask questions when you miss your way but never lose your confidence.


This applies to words of mouth. You meet different people on your way to your destination, and when you get to your destination. Courtesy demands that you respond politely. Being impolite can get you into trouble. Remember, you have no companion; you’re traveling alone. It’s hard to know what will happen if people take offense at your behavior.


You must keep it in mind that you are traveling to a different location alone. Leave expensive things in your home (not saying you should appear as a pauper), but try not to over flaunt your wealth. Don’t wear expensive jewelry, flashy clothes, or travel in one of your expensive cars. Flashy things attract attention to yourself. You might end up getting robbed.


Learn to keep your things close to you. Your phones, documents, passport, money, business card, etc. You don’t have to walk with cash all the time; you should have a credit card. The bottom line: Be organized.


Stay in your room; leave only when there’s a need for you to leave.  Remember to lock your room properly when leaving. If there’s a need to help someone, don’t do it alone. You can make the best out of your trip when you travel alone. Follow the tips explained in this article and your trip will be memorable.

James Bay
Author: James Bay