In recent times marketing has taken off. Lots of business finally realize that getting online reviews from pleased customers has many advantages.

Since Google started showing little stars in search engine result pages, people began to take note. What are the clients/ customers saying about our business? What is my company’s total rating on Google My Business?

These reviews are what people look for when they search for local businesses or industries on Google. Seeing these stars make it convenient for customers to rate competitors, see if the business can be trusted or not, and if their products or services are bad. Reading reviews has naturally become part of the buying process with the customer.

So if you have a business, you should teach your team to ask for online reviews because 70% of customers would use your services eased on the reviews they get online.

Reviews help online shoppers make the best decision faster and with greater assurance. A good reputation is one of the most authoritative resources a business has, and those top star reviews can help you sway new customers to buy from you.

Here are five ways to use business reviews to your benefits.

  1. Ensure your business is ranked higher on search engine results

Reviews and ratings put business in high ranks on the search engine. If a business want to rank top on Google My By, having review is a top ranking factor to getting business on Google’s Local 3-Pack. So if you want to rank higher, start getting reviews from your customers.

  1. Click-Through Rates are improved using Reviews

The main aim of most business is to see searchers click on their busiess kink wen it shows on search engines.  Star rating results bring about higher CTR than organic search results. It was also found out that positive star ratings have favorable effects on click through rates. The higher the star ratings, the more clicks a search listing gets from Google’s Local Pack.

Basically: Derogatory ratings reduce clicks, and favorable ratings improve clicks.

  1. Positive Reviews Build Trust With Potential Customers

90% of customers decide whether or not to trust a business after reading about ten to twelve reviews. But do not stop at that. Getting reviews for your establishment is a continuous process for your business and should be incorporated in your selling and follow up sales proceedings. Get reviews from your customers in their happiest moment when they are purchasing your goods or using your services. You can take pictures and also get their feedback.

Reviews can never be too much. Always have in mind that your competitors are also doing their best to get to the top. They are always going to try and get one more review than you. Do not stop!!!

Study and research have also proved that 80% of customers believe so much in online reviews like they do the personal referral. It means, if you think a personal referral is all you need, then you have it all mixed up. Just think of how many more customers you will get with your reviews.

  1. Improves Landing Page Conversions

In digital marketing, you always want better conversion rates- more clicks on your rankings, more clicks on your ads, swaying possible buyers to click on the link to a page in a blog post you uploaded.

In research, some North American customers were examined to imagine they were looking for an electrician and a realtor online. They discovered: one page highlighted a customer’s review about the business and the other page where the business said they are a reliable and trustworthy company.

The results from the study:

* About 80% of people thought the business with the user-generated review is reliable, while about 20% of the people did not trust the reliability of the company.  They asked the consumers if they would use the services based on the reviews gotten, 70% of the people said they would.

  1. Customer Feedback Can Help Improve Your Business

Both favorable and negative reviews can help you better your business. When your customers give you negative feedback, you would know where to improve your work and where to put in more effort.

Negative feedbacks also keep you on a safe side by sorting out the issues that could have gone not noticed.

The increasing size of online reviews are reaching more industrial establishments; it gives a great advantage to customers and business that fully welcomes fame marketing.

The Bottom Line

In this evolving digital world, that people do lots of things online, getting online reviews for your business is not a bad idea and its an excellent way to distinguish your establishment from others in the market.

James Bay
Author: James Bay